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We try to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of those we work with so we can maximise everyone’s learning.

If, for example, we know that some of the participants on the course have not always enjoyed training or classroom experiences in the past then we make every effort to make people feel safe and relaxed. If when we meet a group they like to be challenged and some of them love role-playing (there are some people out there that do – honest!) then we will harness this and make things a bit more edgy.

Jo is very engaging, and flexible, working with the group and allowing conversation to flow naturally.

BISC staff member, Queen’s University, Canada, Oct 2017

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We love learning about other cultures and we are wholeheartedly committed to helping others learn more. We will go the extra mile to answer a post course question or to bring alive a training workshop.

Staff with low levels of cross-cultural competence can find working across cultures stressful. We believe this is absorbing unnecessary energy in organisations.

Jo’s energy was brilliant.

CareersPlus Team member, Warwick Business School, Jan 2016

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We will do a detailed analysis of our participants’ learning needs where we can so we make the most of the time we have, cover our participants’ priorities and bring relevant resources for follow-up.

The role play that you did couldn’t have been more of an accurate observation, a few days later I witnessed a very similar situation where I found I could be of use.

UNITE staff member, 2014

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We’d like to think our training and learning support is imaginative and just that little bit different. If you come into a Kynfolk training room we like it to look and sound interesting so there maybe some Afrobeat playing or some White Rabbit sweets on the desks – depending on what we’re doing.

This is not to say we don’t use some more traditional methodologies because sometimes we do and these sometimes do the job best but we are happy to use non-standard ideas if we think they will be more effective. So we might use something experiential or an exercise that involves imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes or some forum theatre if we think that’s right for the group and the learning we want to achieve.

The most useful part of training was to step back and focus on what we are trying to achieve plus having access to your wonderful resources/ideas.

International Student Adviser on open course in Bristol, 2014

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We hope to inspire people in small but important ways. We hope our work encourages people to look at things from a different cultural perspective: to imagine how their culture comes across to others or what it might be like to be in a completely new cultural environment.

We hope to inspire people to act a bit differently – maybe to be a bit more conscious about how they speak to people who have a different language background or to be more appropriately curious about others’ cultures.

We hope to inspire participants to go on to read more, find out more, experience more so that we have just been one part of their intercultural competence learning journey!

Excellent course. Perfectly managed. Interactive. Inspiring.

Medical Educator, Royal United Hospitals, Bath, 2016

Jo Bloxham is always an inspiration – her ice-breakers session BC6 was great fun and gave me lots of ideas. She even gave me the opportunity to trial something i’d invented which was very useful.

Participant at UKCISA conference 2018

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We know there’s nothing worse than a dull training course. (Well, OK, there are a few things that are worse but still no-one wants to give up a whole day of their life for dullness). So we do our very best to make sure we cover the essential areas of intercultural competence but also do this in a way that is interesting and enjoyable.

We are happy to say that one of the most common words on our feedback is “engaging”. Others in case you are interested are “informative”, “friendly” and “inspiring”.

Could have stayed even longer and carried on the very engaging conversations/discussions we were having.

university staff member on 1 day open course, Jan 2018