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Know about WeChat

If you are working with Chinese partners, colleagues or customers you need to know about the superapp WeChat, or Weixin as it is known back in China. Created by tech giant Tencent, WeChat now has a billion monthly users (that includes me by the way) and this means it  is...

Kynfolk logo

Kynfolk logo

So now for the logo. I knew I wanted layering in the Kynfolk logo to represent the diversity yet connectedness of the human experience and I knew I wanted a fresh, unpredictable colour palette but was unable to articulate this into a vision of a logo. Luckily it is my...

kyn + folk

So Kynfolk is born!

So Kynfolk is born. The new incarnation of my ongoing passion to support others' intercultural learning. Kynfolk will build on the 20+ years experience I've had as a facilitator of intercultural learning, both with VSO and as a partner of thinkingpeople,  but will allow more space for some exciting new...